Abs at home, Abs at the gym, Abs how to – Finally a complete understanding of Abs and HOW-TO:

  • Build Abs: A how-to on building your abdominal muscles bigger
  • Shred Abs: A how-to on cutting your abs so they show what your current physical make-up is.
  • Understand targeting exercises for specific areas of you Abs: A way to focus on the areas that need work and targeting those areas for improvement and physical change.
  • Understand specific abdominal exercise equipment: What piece of equipment to use to target your problem areas and cut out wasted effort and MOST IMPORTANTLY save time!
  • Learn about foods that should be avoided that effect the visibility of Stomach muscles.
  • Have insight on you own genetic mack-up and accept realistic abdominal possibilities for your own body.
  • Watch videos that display effective workout for you abdominal muscles
  • Introduce yourself to books that will go into in depth detail of the science behind getting 6 pack abs.
  • View a wide range of products that will target your problem area and blast fat while you conduct the units exercise movements.
  • Practice breathing techniques and posture that will surly jump start your gains.
  • Interact, share, and stay up to date on the newest scientific studies on nutrition and discovery’s that have an affect on abdominal progress.  Reading and commenting on blog post and others comments will produce a hub of information and progress.


Things are not always what the seem and foods these days are no different.

It looks like one thing but its really another. Fast food options should not even be an option. If only your burger and fries were as health beneficial as the ones in this image, I would have less people landing upon this website in search for help. Truth is most of the fast food you eat is processed for shelf life. When foods are processed, its out with the vital  nutrients, the fatty acids, vitamins , The amino acids , and in with synthetic substances.  The human body doesnt fuel off synthetic substances and nor does our bodies process it like it should. If the companies are processing these food for shelf life, which is the effort to have the food not break down by environmental factors, what in the world makes them thinks that it would be something good to consume for the human body. The human body does not need to consume anything that can not be broken down. Before you know it they will try to feed you the plastic fruit that interior designers put out to stage a kitchen. The fact is these companies only care about profit and are putting valid effort every day to make sure they create as much product that doesn’t disappear (break down) without taking in the profit for producing it first. If you are having trouble understanding the concept, just buy a burger and fries and leave them out  and then buy unprocessed meat,bread,ect from you nearest healthy market and make a sandwich. I know it’s temping, but for this experiment don’t eat either one. Leave them set out on the counter and watch the molding and deteriorating process take effect on both these items. You will notice that the sandwich that you made will start to mold within several days but the processed hamburger from your local fast food joint will remain the same for months and I mean MONTHS…with an s. The things that are dieing and breaking down from the unprocessed food is what the living body thrives off of. What these companies are producing are plastic/food hybrids.  They kill all the vital things that we think we are getting when we go buy “food” and feed us plastic and the shit in food that we do not even need. The image is representation of selling something as one thing and getting another, but in this case, the opposite. In this image they are selling good food as bad, the huge manufacturing food companies are selling bad food as good. If you are in search of ab equipment and tools you can find a lot of great ones. Please feel free to ask question if you have any, everyone one deserves better health! Keep readying all the content on this website and it will show you how to get the belly you are in search of.